SBIR/STTR Technical Assistance

SBIR/STTR Technical Assistance


Fixed fee pricing can be very important for emerging businesses trying the manage costs associated with a Phase I or Phase II SBIR or STTR award. Businesses that are preparing an SBIR or STTR proposal would benefit from technical assistance in assessing the state of the market (via patentability search) and a provisional patent filing on the technology related to the project. The offer is for searching one inventive concept and filing one provisional patent application in the U.S. Searching additional inventive concepts or embodiments will be billed hourly.

While the service can be ordered, in order for Precipice IP, PLLC to begin work on your matter requires the execution of an engagement letter outlining the terms of the representation. A letter for your execution will follow in due course upon completing your order.

The current price only includes attorney fees, and does not include government filing fees, claims, or expenses such as formal drawings or external search results.

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