BODACIOUS: 9 Legal Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know Business Workshop

BODACIOUS: 9 Legal Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know Business Workshop


BODACIOUS, is a live course and workshop series designed to showcase the legal tools necessary to successfully launch and maintain a technology-focused business. Precipice will provide real-world guidance and will show emerging companies how to protect products, brands, designs, and data to get a leg-up on the competition. In this series, the 9 Legal Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know are discussed.

No. 1- Protect Ideas

No. 2- Select A Business Entity

No. 3- Protect Investors

No. 4- Hire Employees

No. 5- Own Product Designs

No. 6- Build Supplier-Proof Products

No. 7- Run Your Brand, Don’t Let Your Brand Run You

No. 8- Know The Risks Before You Sell

No. 9- Run Your Business To Make Money Moves

This offer is for one live moderated course with workshop materials included, limited to an audience of 25 attendees. Materials include, slides, video segments, course work sheets, term sheets, and business strategy documentation in electronic form.

While the workshop can be ordered, Precipice IP PLLC requires the execution of an engagement letter outlining the terms of the representation to begin work on this engagement. A letter for your execution will follow in due course upon completing your order.

The current price includes the time to plan and facilitate the live course and workshop. The fee does not include expenses such as travel or lodging which will become due.