precipice ip, pllc

 terms and conditions


1.     No Attorney-Client relationship is created with a consultation.  Only after an engagement letter is executed and the fees paid as required by the terms of the agreement does an Attorney-Client relationship exist.

2.     The online appointment booking system will help find a convenient time for both Precipice and you to consult. However, appointment times may be limited.

3.     Appointments may be virtual/telephonic or in person. Because Precipice IP has multiple offices, appointments may need to be confirmed by our office before being finalized.

4.     Services must be booked by customers aged 18 or over. Minor customers will need to make the appointment through their parent or guardian. For services booked on behalf of another, the person attending the appointment will be deemed to have accepted any attendant terms and conditions relating to that service appointment on behalf of the other person.

5.     Appointments are for one person unless otherwise arranged, consulting fees are priced per person.

6.     Appointments are particular to the specific service selected, and are not transferrable to other services.

7.     We reserve the right to refuse any appointment bookings or to carry out a consulting appointment if a customer has been inappropriate, misleading or abusive in any manner, or if the customer has continually canceled appointments.

8.     All appointments booked are subject to availability, and we aim to make sure that we keep every appointment booked. If for any reason we’re unable to keep our appointment with you, we’ll contact you as soon as possible and make every attempt to find a convenient alternative appointment.

9.     If you’re late for an appointment, we’ll make every effort to accommodate you, however Precipice IP, PLLC will wait for up to 10 minutes before canceling the appointment as a no-show. If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment date, we reserve the right to charge a $75 cancelation fee.

10.  Precipice may need to share your information with trusted third parties in order to manage our customer/client relations. Any third parties are only authorized to use the information for the purpose Precipice IP, PPLC requests.

services purchases

1.    No Attorney-Client relationship is created with the Purchaser of services at the time of purchase.  Only after an engagement letter is executed and the fees paid as required by the terms of the agreement does an Attorney-Client relationship exist.

2.  Services must be retained by prospective clients aged 18 or over. Minor Purchasers will need to procure services through a parent or guardian.

3.  Services are particular to the specific service selected, and are not transferrable to other services.

4.  Precipice IP, PLLC reserves the right to refuse any legal services or to carry out services if a Purchaser has been inappropriate, misleading or abusive in any manner.

5.    Precipice IP, PLLC may require Purchaser to deposit additional funds based on the anticipated cost of future fees and expenses.

6.    The purchased scope of services is only an estimate based on the selected service, and does not include government filing fees and external searching costs if any. Failure to advance requested funds in a timely manner shall absolve the Firm of any responsibility for advancing any costs on Purchaser’s behalf.  Any deposit, which is not utilized, will be fully refunded to you upon request.

7.    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Mississippi, without regard for conflicts of law principles. This Agreement is in accordance with the Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct, Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct, and the USPTO Rules of Professional Conduct.

8.    Precipice IP, PLLC does not anticipate having any disagreements with the Purchaser regarding this Agreement. But if any disputes arise, the Purchaser should provide notice to Precipice IP, PLLC immediately. If Precipice IP, PLLC is unable to resolve a dispute between it and the Purchaser, then Precipice IP, PLLC and the Purchaser herein agree to submit the matter to arbitration before the American Arbitration Association or JAMS.


members space

Use of the Members space is conditioned on the following:

1. Do not post confidential, business critical questions or share the same.
2. Specific questions seeking legal advice about your product or service should be reserved for 1:1 conversations, but not in this forum.
3. Consider this space quasi-public, and know that if you share inventions you may put your patent eligibility at risk. This is a COMMUNITY, and not the place to ask for and receive Attorney-Client privileged information.
4. No pitching, selling or spamming. Please don't offer your product, service, make affiliate offers, or offer up any sort of self-promotion through our group. This means: NO offers for free sessions, No offers for free consults, NO soliciting other members through PMs, NO posting links to your own website, NO posting affiliate links or any type of self-promotion without prior permission. If anyone breaks these rules, please let us know.
5. Please don't be rude to others.
6. Before you ask for advice, consider helping others in the community by answering their concerns, requests or questions.
7. Any post that goes against these rules will be removed without warning and the author may be permanently banned.

8. You give Precipice IP PLLC the nonexclusive right to use your photo, whether from a LinkedIn profile picture, or other social media channels, for purposes of posting to the Community.