All The Ways A Patentability Opinion Can Save Your Startup

In the very early days of startup life, many technology companies don't readily have the resources to file for patent protection because they need investors.  And investors are reticent to provide funding without an indication that patent protection for the invention or concept is underway.  

There is a relatively low-cost solution that can satisfy all concerned, and the solution is a patentability opinion.

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Bodacious Secret No. 1: Protect Ideas

It may come as a surprise to many, but most ideas, concepts, and formats are not per se protectable as forms of intellectual property, which means these forms are free for the taking unless an entrepreneur takes additional steps. The steps an entrepreneur can take to protect ideas, concepts, and formats involve utilizing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and/or protecting the expression of the idea through the copyright, trademark, and patent process.

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World Trade Center Podcast: Bodacious Secret No. 1. Protect Ideas

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on the Arkansas World Trade Center GATEWAYS Podcast. We had a blast talking about what makes a business succeed where others fail.  Doing business on the world stage is no different. The same legal secrets apply.

BODACIOUS Secret No. 1: Protect Ideas

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The 9 Legal Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know To Have A More Bodacious Business

After almost 20 years in intellectual property law, I’ve worked in and for everything from startups to conglomerates. All companies face the same pressures to stand out and create something unique in the minds of the consumer, and that’s where intellectual property comes in.

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The Cost To Be The Boss Just Went Up: The New Patent Fees

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked, is "how much does a patent cost?" In this post, I'll only address government filing fees associated with filing a patent, because the true nature of the cost of a patent depends on attorneys fees, USPTO feedback about the patent application, and maintenance fees over the life of an issued patent.

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Dale Chihuly's Luck Ran Out, And Yours Probably Will Too.

Doing business with no written agreement may feel like the easy, no hassle way to do business, the reality is that without a written agreement outlining the terms and expectations of the parties, companies leave the door wide open for trouble. When you don’t write down the terms of the agreement, in the event there is a dispute, you run the risk of having the court decide the issue in a way that you might not like, and in a way that will cost you.

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