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De-risking Disruption: How Intellectual Property Insurance Can Level The Playing Field For Small Business 🏁

Whether and when to invest in a specific intellectual property insurance product is a decision made on a case-by-case basis with the help of a qualified insurance professional.  Keep in mind there are numerous caveats, and policies vary.  However, in most cases, a carrier will want to understand whether an intellectual property attorney regularly advises a business on IP risk.

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The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 4) 🏦

Registered vs. Unregistered Intellectual Property

The value of registering IP rights with the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides additional opportunities to preserve business value through enforcement of company IP rights. 

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The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 3) 🏦

Identifying Intellectual Property Created In A Business

Copyright protection can relate to web content, marketing brochures, marketing videos, logos, etc. 

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