The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 3) 🏦

Identifying and Extracting Intellectual Property Created In A Business

Angela Grayson (Precipice IP, PLLC) and Sean Mory (LenCred, Inc.) resume the discussion, and in this episode, discuss the types of IP that businesses generate which can be protected. We discuss the relative straightforwardness in pursuing patent, trademark, and copyright protection for a business's most valuable creations.

Identifying Intellectual Property Created In A Business

Copyright protection can relate to web content, marketing brochures, marketing videos, logos, etc. 

Trademark protection relates to names of a product, services, or even a company name.

Trade secrets come into play when certain business information creates a business advantage, that needs to remain secret in order to benefit the business. For example, recipes, pricing information, business know-how, etc. 

As to patents, innovations related to a product's usefulness or design may qualify for patent protection.

The Goal: Extract Value From Intellectual Property

Businesses create IP everyday, and generally may not even know it, the goal is to protect and extract value.

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