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Be A Brand Boss 👑 💪🏾 👑. Maintain Your Trademark Registration Like The Boss That You Are.

Obtaining a trademark registration at the United States Patent & Trademark Office is perhaps the most predictable way to establish trademark rights. The process is not without a few frustrations, but I think well worth it in the end. Clients are very excited to receive their trademark registration from the USPTO, but that’s not the end of it. To get the most value from a USPTO registration, there a few things you will need to do.

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The In’s and Out’s of Intellectual Property for Small Business: A Podcast Interview with The Marketplace 🎧

In the Marketplace podcast, I chat with Priest Willis about how small businesses can protect business value through intellectual property protections. We talked about the famous IP strategies of Tesla and Amazon and what you as a small business can do to use your company IP to your advantage too.

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