Fractional Chief Technology Counsel Engagement

Fractional Chief Technology Counsel Engagement

17,550.00 every 3 months

Picture two companies. One company is run by smart technologists, marketers, and businesspeople. This company makes great products. The company has a good business model and is making money now, but has no offensive, defensive or compliance strategy to leverage the intellectual property associated with its products, brands, designs or data for growth.

Company two is run by smart technologists, marketers, and businesspeople as well, but this company has more. This company has a fractional Chief Technology Counsel (CTC). The CTC, together with key business leaders, helps the company with its offensive, defensive and compliance strategy for using and leveraging the company's intellectual property and data.

While the Fractional Chief Technology Counsel service can be ordered, in order for Precipice IP, PLLC to begin the service will require the execution of an engagement letter outlining the terms of the engagement. A letter for your execution will follow in due course upon completing your order.

The current price includes attorneys fees for time only, and can include patent filing, trademark filing, or copyright filing legal services which will not exceed 40 hours per month. The fees do not include travel, accommodations, or meals if travel to a work site is required. The engagement does not include fees which may be required by additional third party resources such as business brokers, customs consultants, database resources, or the like. Nor does the engagement include government filing fees, draftsman fees, or access to search databases which may require a fee.