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Bodacious Secret No. 5: Manage The Ownership of Product Designs 🤯

Finding good designers is not only crucial in designing products, but also in designing logos, content, packaging, and websites. Not all design work can be managed by ‘regular’ employees within a company, so often, a company will hire independent contractors to design.

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The ABCs of Selling Could Hurt Your Chances of Protecting Your Tech 🎧

On the topic of selling, I have just one question- have you seen Glengerry Glenn Ross? This movie is a story about the salesman, and is a classic, slow-burn depiction of the consequences of greed. I love this movie because the story is a great example of the choices humans make in order to turn a buck, and the consequences of those choices.

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The In’s and Out’s of Intellectual Property for Small Business: A Podcast Interview with The Marketplace 🎧

In the Marketplace podcast, I chat with Priest Willis about how small businesses can protect business value through intellectual property protections. We talked about the famous IP strategies of Tesla and Amazon and what you as a small business can do to use your company IP to your advantage too.

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