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Bodacious Secret No. 3: Protect Investors 🔥

Across the world, business has been good.  The past twelve months delivered a banner year for investment, merger, and acquisition deal flow. The economy, buoyed by market gains, has helped fuel investment in early-stage companies.  

While some business owners may choose to operate as lifestyle businesses or even decide to pass the company down through the generations, there are plenty of businesses hoping for an investor or buyer.   

Here are a few things to consider to help you get the best deal at the best price.

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All The Ways A Patentability Opinion Can Save Your Startup 🏥

In the very early days of startup life, many technology companies don't readily have the resources to file for patent protection because they need investors.  And investors are reticent to provide funding without an indication that patent protection for the invention or concept is underway.  

There is a relatively low-cost solution that can satisfy all concerned, and the solution is a patentability opinion.

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