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Four Types of Content πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ You Could Protect With A Copyright Registration

Technology companies worried about protecting company IP due to cost can breathe a sigh of relief. Sci-tech companies don’t always need to rely on expensive utility patents to protect company intellectual property. In many instances, trademarks, trade secrets, design patents, trade dress protection, and copyright registrations can be useful as well in protecting a company's competitive advantage.

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World Trade Center Podcast: Bodacious Secret No. 3. Protect Investors 🎧

Please join me for a podcast with the Arkansas World Trade Center's Sam Cushman and Denise Thomas, as I discuss my Bodacious series and Legal Secret No. 3- Protect Your Investors.

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4 Shocking Ways To Use Design Patents To Protect Your Sci-Tech Startup 😲

The focus of competitive advantage in many science and technology startups is, not surprisingly, on the science and technology. Many sci-tech startups choose to protect the innovative function over the innovative form, and I think that’s a huge miss.

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