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World Trade Center Podcast: Bodacious Secret No. 3. Protect Investors 🎧

Please join me for a podcast with the Arkansas World Trade Center's Sam Cushman and Denise Thomas, as I discuss my Bodacious series and Legal Secret No. 3- Protect Your Investors.

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4 Shocking Ways To Use Design Patents To Protect Your Sci-Tech Startup 😲

The focus of competitive advantage in many science and technology startups is, not surprisingly, on the science and technology. Many sci-tech startups choose to protect the innovative function over the innovative form, and I think that’s a huge miss.

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The ABCs of Selling Could Hurt Your Chances of Protecting Your Tech 🎧

On the topic of selling, I have just one question- have you seen Glengerry Glenn Ross? This movie is a story about the salesman, and is a classic, slow-burn depiction of the consequences of greed. I love this movie because the story is a great example of the choices humans make in order to turn a buck, and the consequences of those choices.

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