what we do



Inventors, small or large, are passionate about technology. If you're concerned with protecting your innovations and inventions, let us help you figure out what to do.

We can provide you with the tools to help you secure investors for your startup by providing patentability and other important legal opinions addressing risk to company operations. We can help you manage risk and secure value by filing utility and design patent applications on your startup’s most important assets.

We have technical expertise in chemistry and materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and biotechnology. Since we love all things science and we speak technology, we promise to make the process as enjoyable as possible. 


From widgets to wine, registered trademarks on commercial products and services can be a tremendous source of value to your business. Technology companies are notorious for leaving valuable brand value unprotected. Don't let the goodwill you've created in your tech company go unprotected. Let our team register and enforce your company's valuable marks.


Want some trivia in time for your next party? Did you know the copyright is a fundamental right granted by the U.S. constitution? That's right! If you are a writer, software coder, or graphic artist, become acquainted with your copyrights.  Our team can help you sort through what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to securing and enforcing your rights under the copyright laws.

Domain Names

Got a business or product name you've been thinking about using as a website domain? Don't be caught off guard by another person's or another business's use of a potentially phenomenal branding opportunity for you. Let our team work with you to secure or enforce your domain, which by the way, happens to be a very important part of your business identity.

Trade Secrets and Data

Trade secret and data law has come a long way baby! Recent legislation has made enforcing trade secrets more attractive than ever for small and large business concerns. Let our team take you through a risk assessment and inventory of your company's economically impactful confidential information. Our proprietary tools and significant expertise can help you find where value may be hiding.  

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Have you ever been the victim of a leaky license? What is a leaky license you ask? A leaky license is one that provides more risk than value. Not to worry, there is hope.  Let our team work with you and focus on the target technology to help you properly assess the market, the value, and the potential risks of your deal. We'll help you navigate the right deal for you.

IP Due Diligence

Doing an IP deal can be the best of times or the worst of times. It all depends on how well you understand the IP you just bought, licensed, or secured. The old saying ''trust but verify' comes to mind.  Don't guess, let our team run your IP diligence before you do the deal.  Let us verify ownership, liens, litigation, or other factors that may impact the value of the IP you want to acquire.  

IP Strategy and Compliance

It’s a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Whether you are a small or large business, making certain you own and control the IP you've purchased or hired employees or consultants to develop, is what we do best.  Let us run your risk assessment. We may recommend training, policies, manuals, contracts, and other solutions to increase the chances that your investment in your IP will give you a positive return.