New Product Planning Assessment

New Product Planning Assessment


For startups developing new products, there is a thin line between an “inspiration” product and a flat out “copy” of one. A trade dress assessment and end use application assessment is the first step towards a decision on whether to fully invest in a new product line- in particular a “me too” product.  A trade dress search and application assessment is designed to uncover issues with the look and feel of the proposed product concept, in addition to providing a sense of relevant similarly designed products and the associated intellectual property. This offer is for trade dress and application assessment for one inventive concept. This offer does not include a patentability opinion or a trademark clearance opinion, since both requires a different legal analysis.

While the service can be ordered, in order for Precipice IP, PLLC to begin work on your matter requires the execution of an engagement letter outlining the terms of the representation. A letter for your execution will follow in due course upon completing your order.

The current price only includes attorney fees, and does not include government filing fees or expenses such as formal drawings or external search results if applicable.

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