Precipice IP Board of Advisors

Precipice IP is fortunate to have a distinguished Board of Advisors rooting for our success:

Mr. Tom Sager, Partner Ballard Spahr and former SVP and General Counsel DuPont

Tom Sager is currently a Partner at Ballard Spahr, LLP. However, many in the legal community would agree that Mr. Sager is likely best known as Senior VP and General Counsel of E.I. DuPont deNemours. He held this honor from 2008 until his retirement in 2014.  Mr. Sager has been a constant driving force in the legal community; known equally for his legal tenacity as his passion for diversity.  

Precipice IP is grateful to have his support and guidance.


Ms. Teri Cotton Santos, Senior Vice President CCO and CRO The Warranty Group

Teri Cotton Santos is Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer for The Warranty Group, a global provider of extended warranties, service contracts and insurance. In this role, Ms. Santos is responsible for implementing a global compliance and risk management program covering over 33 countries in which The Warranty Group operates. Ms. Santos has designed, implemented and grown innovative and strategic compliance programs in highly regulated industries. 

Precipice IP is fortunate to benefit from Ms. Santo's significant and varied experience, knowledge, and network. 

Mr. Kelvin Buncum, Vice President Operations Great Plains Region Sam's Club

Kelvin Buncum is currently VP Operations Great Plains Region at Sam's Club. Mr. Buncum was previously Vice President of Innovations and Global Business Process for Sam’s Club US. He joined Sam’s Club in June 2011. Prior to joining Sam’s Club, Mr. Buncum held leadership positions in several companies across multiple industries. Immediately prior to Sam’s Club, Mr. Buncum was President/CEO of International Medical Solutions, a start-up he launched with two partners. Mr. Buncum's experiences also include executive-level leadership roles at Pepsi Bottling Group, US Radio, and Joyner Communications. 

Precipice IP is fortunate to have access to his passion and business savvy.

Ms. Lata Setty, Chief IP Counsel, United Lex Corporation

Lata Setty is currently Chief IP Counsel of United Lex Corporation. Prior to joining United Lex, Ms. Setty was Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation of Pangea3 Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Prior to joining Pangea3, Ms. Setty held numerous leadership roles such as General Counsel of Patent Café as well as substantive roles at several major law firms.  Additionally, Ms. Setty served as in-house counsel of The View Group L.P. in the role of Principal of Innovation Asset Management where she focused on start-ups in the field of biotechnology.

Ms. Setty brings to our board a wealth of diverse experiences, not only from the perspective of a legal professional, but also as a business woman.

Mr. Mario Rivello, Director Medical Solutions, LLC

Mario Rivello is presently a Director at Medical Solutions, LLC a maker of medical devices.  Prior to joining Medical Solutions, Mr. Rivello spent 15 years at E.I. DuPont deNemours in the Engineering and Operations organizations.  Over the years, Mr. Rivello developed strong acumen in the areas of corporate restructuring and turnaround management for corporate and private equity clients. 

Precipice IP is fortunate to benefit from Mr. Rivello's significant experience and knowledge. 

MS. Sonya Olds SOm, Partner Major, LindsEy & Africa

Sonya Som is presently partner at Major, Lindsey & Africa, an executive legal recruiting agency.  Ms Som is a former law firm partner by background, and acts as a resource and "connector" for  attorneys as they seek new opportunities and professional relationships. Ms. Som is committed to providing the very best career consultation, candidate recruiting and networking assistance to the legal community. As an African-American woman lawyer, Ms. Som is particularly passionate about doing all she can to advance the cause of diversity in the legal profession for women and minorities nationwide.

Precipice IP is thankful for Ms. Som's commitment to our firm's growth.