The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 5)

Angela Grayson (Precipice IP, PLLC) and Sean Mory (LenCred, Inc.) wrap up discussions around the business value of intellectual property.  In this final episode, the discussion centers on extracting value from the intellectual property created while running a business.

Five Steps To Getting Business Value From Intellectual Property

The web series concludes by recapping prior discussions, and reminds veiewers and listeners that businesses create IP everyday while running a business. IP should be protected and leveraged to work for the business.

There are five steps to extracting value from company created IP:

  1. Consult an IP attorney early in the life of the business  
  2. Recognize when intellectual property is being created
  3. Prioritize protecting intellectual property 
  4. Register intellectual property with the USPTO
  5. Develop a plan for extracting value from IP 

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