Kickstarter New Product Launch

Kickstarter New Product Launch


Fixed fee pricing can be very important for a crowd funding campaign. A provisional patent filing is a good way to establish a filing date for a new product in development before launching on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other crowd funding platform. Provisional applications are not examined by the USPTO and do not result in granted patents without taking additional steps in the patenting process. However, provisional patent applications are a good way to establish patent pending while investors, backers, or pre-sale customers are solicited as product development continues. The offer includes filing a U.S. provisional patent application for one invention and does not include claims or formal drawings. The inclusion of claims and formal drawings can be included, if requested, and will be priced separately at an additional hourly rate/expense.

While the provisional patent filing can be ordered, in order for Precipice IP, PLLC to begin work on your matter requires the execution of an engagement letter outlining the terms of the representation. A letter for your execution will follow in due course upon completing your order.

The current price only includes attorney fees, and does not include government filing fees or expenses such as formal drawings or external search results.

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