Managing The Best Worst-Case Scenario: What Product Designers Should Do BEFORE The Pitch

Innovation open calls by retailers are everywhere these days from Etsy to Walmart.  Companies place open calls in hopes of finding a relatively inexpensive means of discovering the next great product compared to developing said products internally themselves.  Open calls are also of great benefit to product designers as well, because what designer has not dreamed of seeing their product or technology used or sold by a major retailer like Walmart, Target or Amazon? 

The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 5)

There are five steps to extracting value from company created IP:

  1. Consult an IP attorney early in the life of the business  
  2. Recognize when intellectual property is being created
  3. Prioritize protecting intellectual property 
The Business Value Of Intellectual Property (Part 4)

Registered vs. Unregistered Intellectual Property

The value of registering IP rights with the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides additional opportunities to preserve business value through enforcement of company IP rights.